Sag Harbor Roundabout

Traffic & Transportation

The RBA Group provides a wide range of traffic engineering and transportation planning services involving studies and design development. The studies include site impact analysis, circulation studies, corridor and interchange analysis, travel demand modeling and needs assessment, and parking studies. Design services include safety improvements and layout for roadway and intersection design, including traffic signal installations. Aside from public and private developers, our many clients include transportation agencies across the country. Our traffic engineers have been responsible for maintenance and protection of traffic and detour plans, and roadside safety design for many of the firm's highway, bridge replacement, and intersection projects. An additional area of expertise is in the analysis and design of alternative modes of transportation, such as planning for bicycle and pedestrian facilities.

Our firm's successful management of many concurrent assignments is due to our highly qualified personnel and our use of state of the art software and practices. We have many "Call-In" contracts, which inherently involve multiple concurrent assignments that must be completed in extremely compressed time frames. The RBA Group has a wealth of experience in producing these "Fast Track" projects for various clients, often exceeding client expectations with regard to scheduling and budget expectation. Our team is skilled with all areas of improvement including safety enhancements and traffic detour designs during the development process. Our experience encompasses every facet of transportation planning and traffic engineering that might be called for.

Highlighted Projects